Components Of Intimacy That Makes Up a Healthy Relationship

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Couples all around the world talk of getting intimate, but what does that mean? Does it mean making love as many think? According to opinions of different relationship experts Julie Spira, an online matchmaker and cyber-dating expert, Erin Nicole McGinnis, a family and marriage and therapist and Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D. relationship pro, that is never the actual definition. The perception varies among many who hold onto various meanings to its description.

According to the knowledge and experience of these experts, intimacy manifests in four main components. They include;

Emotional Intimacy

The emotional attachment between you and your partner determines the level of trust and companionship you two have. As Spira explains, emotion intimacy means that each of you in a relationship feels each other love and embracement. Each partner should feel cared for and minded.

Adding to this, McGinnis says that emotional intimacy is not a destination but rather a journey and a process. He says it requires a degree of empathy, acceptable communication skills, emotional intelligence, and self-acceptance to manifest. IDollators misses this, none of the most realistic sex dolls offer emotional intimacy.

Physical Intimacy

The most initial genuine sign of connection between any two love partners is physical intimacy. According to Julie, it manifests through a smile to each other, flirty looks, kissing, hand-holding, and all through to sexual acts. Physical intimacy not necessary calls for physical touch but even a look, as Julie explains. By seeing the photo of someone you sexually admire, you immediately tend to grow physical intimacy. It is physical intimacy that prevails even for idollators. They will spot the BBW sex dolls and get turned on immediately.

Digital Intimacy

We are in a digital era where even relationships all have gone online and digital. We have lots of couples all around us who got engaged and married after meeting on online dating and socialization sites. As explained by relationship experts, McGinnis and Dr. O’Reilly, online relationships can be tricky simply because you do not know the reality about your chat partner’s real-life state and sometimes body physique. They advise that all should be careful not to waste a lot of time only to face disappointments at the end.

Otherwise, the two experts agree that, through online meetings, one can entirely grow in love with their online partner. This, however, would be fast only if communication is much reliable, open, sincere, and backed up with video calls to make it all more real and convincing.

Intellectual intimacy

Julie believes that there also exists intellectual intimacy, whereby it’s all about sharing personal information on fear, educational level, politics, and much more. The idea is to get the other partner to trust you. Once you tell them more personal information about yourself, they tend to trust you more, and it is from that trust that love thrives.


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